CLIPSJNI Version 0.5 Beta

A beta version of CLIPSJNI, a Java Native Interface for CLIPS, is available for download on the SourceForge CLIPS Download Page.

Version 0.1 demonstrates basic techniques for integrating CLIPS with a GUI and comes with three examples of CLIPS programs integrated with a Swing front end.

Version 0.2 adds an additional example and demonstrates how to build a GUI using languages other than English. Example software generated translations are provided for Spanish, Japanese, Russian, and Arabic.

Version 0.3 changes the manner in which the Java and C environments interact to perform garbage collection which corrects crashes that occurred when creating multiple CLIPS environments.

Version 0.4 includes support for the CLIPS 6.30 release and 64 bit support for Windows and Mac OS X.

Version 0.5 includes stateless versions of the animal and auto examples, makefiles for creating self contained jar files, support for Ubuntu, package name changes, loadFromString and loadFromResource methods, and improvements to PrimitiveValue and its subclasses.

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Last Update June 12, 2015